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The mysteries of ancient Egypt continue to excite the Solitaire fans! Before these mysteries blow your mind, you must reach the very top of the pyramid. Use your mathematic skills and make the combinations of two or more cards that add up to 13. If you can pass all 10 levels, you will get the chance to play the bonus level! Can you reach the top of the pyramid by clearing the desk now?

Add up to 13

Remove all the cards

Make combinations of at least 2 cards that add up to 13. As you combine, you can break the locks of the cards situated at the top of the pyramid!

Use the stack

Add up to 13

You can combine cards both from the pyramid and the stack of cards.



The value of the King is 13. It is the only card that doesn't need to be combined.


How it works

In Pyramid Solitaire, your objective is to make combinations of at least two cards that add up to 13 and clear the board.
The more cards you combine, the higher points you will get. You can match the cards both both from the pyramid and from the stack.
Only if you clear the board leaving no card behind, you can complete the level and reach the bonus game!

You can open maximum of two cards from the stack by clicking on it.


You will be using the standard 52-card deck. Aces are valued at 1, Jacks at 11, Queens at 12, and Kings at 13.
The scoring is not based on the card values but on the number of cards that you combine.
The King gives points. If you combine 2 cards, they give 20 points and 3 cards give you 40 points.

These points are valid for combinations both from the board and the stack. If you remove all the cards you get extra 100 bonus points.

Daily High scores

Player Player Score

Weekly High scores

Player Player Score
marleen22 510
joyce128 490
heike012 480
cernolev17 440
sarahbergh1980 420
noforever 300
Caramba111 270
Kamilla11 250

All-time High scores

Player Player Score
roysuzan 520
mariss567 520
samasu5 520
Alexiaaaaa 520
jozefine 520
joyce128 520
heike012 520
yollie 510
marleen22 510
sido11 500


Win Table

Score Score Bet
   10 20 50
  120+ 1 2 5
  200+ 2 4 10
  280+ 4 8 20
  330+ 6 12 30
  380+ 8 16 40
  420+ 10 20 50
  460+ 12 24 60
  500+ 16 32 80
  540+ 20 40 100
  590+ 40 80 200
  630+ 100 200 500
  660+ 250 500 1250