Xp and levels

What is XP?

XP stands for experience points which are free points you get when playing games on Zigiz. With it you can unlock different elements for your profile, increase in level and show off to other players how good you are!

How do I get XP?

To get XP all you have to do is play some games. If you play a game you always win XP, even if you lose. You don't get XP for playing practice games. In tournaments and jackpots you earn more XP if you place higher!

How does the leveling system work?

Zigiz has several levels depending on how much XP you have, the more XP you have collected, the higher your level will be. You unlock new items for your profile, like banners and avatar items, when you progress to the next level. For a full overview of all the levels and what gets unlocked when, checkout the level progression page.

Where can I see my current level?

Your current level is displayed on your profile page and on the level progression page. The bar at the top of the page also displays how much XP you still need to collect to progress to the next level.

Can I lose XP?

No, XP can only be gained and not spent or lost.