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Everybody knows that the Mayans have a keen eye for construction, but did you know that they also loved having monsters as pets? Unfortunately, these little critters don't like the light and are much more happy in the darkness. So help move the bright jade tiles from the temple chambers by sliding them left to right, up and down and back again until only dark tiles and happy monsters remain.


Monster Temple - Slide the monsters and match 3 or more to score points

Slide columns or rows to match 3 or more monsters of the same color

Level up!

Monster Temple - Match 3 or more monsters and clear the temple to level up

Try to remove the monsters on the lighter tiles, you level up when all tiles turned dark

60 moves!

Monster Temple - Match 3 or more monsters and set the highest score within 60 moves

You can only slide a column or row 60 times! So every move counts


How it works

In this game you score points by dragging monsters to make a row of 3 or more monsters of the same colour.
You can only drag the monsters one tile at a time.
Every drag counts as a move. At the start of the game you get 60 moves, and the game ends when you run out of moves.
Whenever a tile is removed that tile turns dark. When every tile on the field is dark, you level up.
Higher levels have more monsters, more colours and you score more points per monster.
When you make more consecutive matches in one move your cascade goes up. This acts as a multiplier.


For every monster you remove you score 10 points.
This score is then multiplied by your level, and by the height of your cascade.
For a match that removes 4 monsters in level 2 with a cascade of 3, that means you get 10 * 4 * 2 * 3 = 240 points.
For every monster that was on a light tile, this score is doubled!

Leveling up gets you 1000 points, multiplied by the new level divided by 2.
So, finishing level 3 gets you 1000 * 4 / 2 = 2000 points bonus.

Daily High scores

Player Player Score
Millie205 144,660
wolleblue1 126,150
Slowhand7 87,260
MeesterSjef 81,930
opiegood 75,060
BarryD 72,620
swooty 71,760
capestoup 68,210
rubbiebullie 66,690
thunderdj96 63,330

Weekly High scores

Player Player Score
12winnie 194,990
BarryD 151,610
Millie205 149,250
wolleblue1 145,310
swooty 131,940
MeesterSjef 126,260
seyvan 122,830
erik56 115,940
rubbiebullie 114,330
gollum2 113,400

All-time High scores

Player Player Score
marc57200 240,170
wolleblue1 234,420
HennyD 231,590
T.W.B. 224,920
diayur 209,620
seyvan 207,610
erik56 206,500
Triptykon 203,280
foreveriron 203,090
bobbers 202,870