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Mixer Elixer


Earn as many points as possible by filling the board with elixir bottles of the same shape and / or colour.


How does it work?

On the first turn, place a elixer bottle next to the magic orb. After this first turn you can start filling up the rest of the board with the elixer bottles that match the bottles on the board by colour and/or shape. At the bottom of the screen there is an assembly line which shows the bottles you can place on the board at your next turn.



Combo score:

With every combination of colours and shapes you make on the board, the combo meter on the left side of the screen will increase. The more combinations you make, the more points you get. Each combination of shape or colour is worth 1 point.



When you place a bottle on the board then you can receive points for both colour and shape. The shape and colour are worth 1 point each. If you place a bottle between two other bottles of the same shape you are awarded 2 points for the shape and 1 point for color (if at least one of the bottles matches the colour). When you place a bottle between three other bottles of the same shape you are awarded 3 points for shape. The same goes for colour.



Even more magical orbs can appear on your assembly line during the game. These can be placed anywhere on the board, but they must always be placed next to a bottle. Magic orbs are awarded points for both shape and colour.



If you fill up a row or column, then you are awarded 5 points for every bottle in that row or column. Please note that no extra points are awarded for rows in which the bottles are all the same shape or colour.


Extra points:

A bonus counter will appear in the game. At the beginning of the game this counter is worth 250 points. Ten points will be deducted from the counter with each turn. Get to the counter as fast as you can and earn lots of points.



There is room for 4 bottles in the trash can. If the bottle can’t be placed on the board, you must put it in the trash. If the trash can is full and you still can’t place the bottle on the board, the game ends.



Bonus game:

If you have collected enough bonus stars, you can play the bonus game. This enables you to win extra credits!

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