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Mystery Legacy


All families are different and odd in their own way, but yours is certainly one of a kind. For a start, you all live on the same street. Not many families do, but the peculiarity of your individual relatives is the biggest eye catcher. Your nan’s the quirkiest of the lot, really. Speaking in riddles and writing rebuses, and every so often hiding away allsorts behind the drapes. Never a dull moment when she’s around! What a bash you had for her last birthday party, eh! Turning up at her door to celebrate her notching up another year, this time she was nowhere to be found. All she left is a letter addressed to you all in which she says that while she’s still got the legs for it, she’d like to take one last round-the-world trip. She also says she’ll leave her entire estate to her family favourite, but….who on earth could that be?

Mystery Legacy challenges you to uncover the rightful heir to nanna’s estate. She’s left the answer to this question inside a chest sealed by seven locks. These locks can be opened by solving puzzles. To get to these puzzles, though, you first have to find all the objects she’s hidden away.

How it works

You’ll find a puzzle in every room in nanna’s house. You’ll need to solve them all to unlock the chest. To get to these puzzles, though, you first have to find number of objects. The objects required vary from one room to the next. The living room, for example, has eight gears hidden away inside it. Once you’ve found all the objects required, you can start on the puzzle.

Apart from the eight objects, you’ll also find envelopes hidden away. These envelopes contain the clues you’ll need to complete the final puzzle to uncover the secret.

You may, on occasion, come across certain objects in your way. There are items lying around that can help you get around these obstacles. You might need a key to open some of the closets and dressers. Once you’ve found an aid, it’s added to your inventory for later use. Should you want to use an aid on an object or obstacle, first click on your inventory in the bottom right of your screen, then click on the item and then the object.


You are awarded points for solving puzzles and finding hidden items. Found a hidden item? Click on it and you’ll immediately receive 10 points for doing so. Clicking on an item will set off a countdown timer. Should you manage to find another item before it’s done, you may add another 20 points, find a third one in time, and add another 40 points (!) for that one to your total, too! Sniff them out as quick as you can and notch up a stack of points!

Any puzzle you solve will earn you 2,500 points.

Please pay attention here! We’ve entered an overview containing pointers for all the puzzles below. Any proper Sherlock will, of course, try his hand at solving them without using them at all. However, should you run into problems solving any of the puzzles, by all means take refuge here.

Puzzle pointers:

Living room
Once you’ve tracked down all the gears, you’ll have unlocked the puzzle inside the clock. The image in the puzzle has been scrambled. It’s your job to put it back to what it was. You can do this by clicking on the mouse on the rings. Each ring will only turn in a certain direction, though. Be careful, as some of the rings are linked. Once you turn one, you’ll also turn the other rings connected to it. Move over any ring with your mouse, and the connections between the rings will light up. This will tell you which rings will turn once you click on them, and, in which direction.

Once you’ve amassed all eight kitchen tiles, you’ll unlock the puzzle on the table. The idea is to find matching images. Click on a tile to turn it over, and then click another one to turn that one too. If there’s a match, they’ll disappear. If not, then they’re put back face down. So, remember where you left them!

Once you’ve tracked down all eight fuses, you’ll unlock the puzzle inside the meter cupboard. In order to restore power, all switches have to be set to the right configuration. Be careful, as some of the switches are linked. Once you turn one, you’ll also turn the other switches connected to it. Once you’ve turned all the lights to green, you’ll have solved the puzzle.

Once you’ve gathered all eight pellets, you’ll unlock the puzzle in the painting. Move the pieces of the painting around so the picture is restored to its original layout. To move any piece, simply click on it, provided the adjacent slot you’re moving it to is empty.

Once you’ve found all eight shards of glass, you’ll unlock the puzzle in the window. Move the shards around to put the window back in one piece. To move any shard, simply click on it, provided the adjacent space is empty.

Once you’ve tracked down all eight fuses, you’ll unlock the puzzle inside the vault. In front of you is a circuit board boasting eight fuses. The fuses are connected by wiring. The trick to solving the puzzle is to not have any of these wires touch. Click on any of the fuses, and hold down your mouse button to drag the fuse to where you want it to be. Once they’re all in the right place and none of the wires touch, you’ll have solved this one too.

Once you’ve found all eight shards of glass, you’ll unlock the puzzle in the window frames. At first glance, these three window frames appear the same, but some details are definitely different. Compare them, seek out their differences and highlight them using the left mouse button. Once you’ve found all the differences, you’ll have solved the puzzle.

Fallen to bits? Can’t see the puzzle for the pieces? Don’t worry, you can always skip a puzzle by clicking on ‘Skip’ The computer will then solve the puzzle for you, but, remember, you’ll not receive any points for that puzzle.

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