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Your goal
Roll the dice and make combinations.

The dice can be rolled a maximum of 3 times per turn. You can roll the dices by clicking on the "Roll" button, as shown below:

To the right of this button, you see three small rounds; they indicate the three times you can Roll the dices. In this example, there are 2 more times left.

By clicking on any of the rolled dice after the first and second Roll you can "hold" the chosen dice. Once held, the dice cannot be rolled in the following Rolls but they can be freed again with a click of the mouse on the dice. Below you see an example of holding the dice.

You can put a dice on “HOLD” by clicking on them, the dice will then not be rolled in the following Roll. With every Roll you can lay back the dices that you put on hold. This can also be done by clicking on the dices.

It is also possible to put the dice back in the playarea. Just click on the dice again.

After the third Roll you must fill in a score in tone of the boxes within the tables provided, you can also do this after the first or second Roll if you wish. The available combinations light up and combinations that are not possible have a value of nil. Below you see an example of a 'small street':

If the all boxes within the tables are filled then the overall score is calculated. A final score above 200 wins you x amounts of credits depending on the bet you played.

The uppermost table is equal to the number of times that a die a corresponding number of dots shows multiplied by that number of dots. A bonus of 35 points is given if the uppermost table adds up to a total minimum of 63.

The lower part of the table allows for the following combinations:

  • Three of a Kind: Your score is the total of all the dots added together if 3 dice show the same number of dots.

  • Four of a Kind: Your score is the total of all the dots added together if 4 dice show the same number of dots.

  • Full House: 25 points for 3 dice showing one similar amount of dots and 2 dice showing another similar amount of dots, e.g. 3 dice with 6 dots and 2 dice with 4 dots and so on.

  • Short Street: 30 points for 4 dice in numerical order (the order in which they appear is not important).

  • Long Street: 40 points for 5 dice in numerical order (the order in which they appear is not important).

  • 5dice: 50 points for 5 of a kind. It is only possible to get 5dice once in any one game and receive the 50 points. Any 5dice Rolls within the game following the first earn you points in other ways and do not allow for another 50 points.

  • Chance: Sum of all five dice.

In the Win table (bottom right) it can be seen how many credits are available to win. No matter what bet you have, the total number of credits to be won is 50,000!

In the case that you have sufficient credit (at least 200) you can click on "Finish", your winnings are then automatically added to your balance.

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