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Your goal
Find the right combinations and clear the board by matching pairs of tiles

Use your mouse to click on a tile and click on an identical one to create a pair. Below you'll see two examples of matching pairs.

You can make a pair by clicking on free tiles. When a tile is covered or enclosed by other tiles you can't use it to make a valid combination. The example below illustrates tiles that can be combined into a matching pair.

In this example the dragon tile in the middle is enclosed by other tiles. So you can't combine the dragons into a matching pair.

Two of the tiles are locked and can't be removed by clicking on them. To clear the board and finish your game, you have to know your tactics and take the position of the locked tiles into account. By using the shuffle button you may rearrange the locked tiles. The locked tiles look like this:

The various sets of tiles and there value
A Majong game consists of several sets of tiles, totalling 144 tiles. You can choose various starting arrangements.

The suits:

  • Locks: 1 sets of 2 tiles: 2 tiles
  • Numbers: 4 sets of 9 tiles: 36 tiles
  • Bamboos: 4 sets of 9 tiles: 36 tiles
  • Rings: 4 sets of 9 tiles: 36 tiles
  • Winds: 4 sets of 4 tiles: 16 tiles
  • Dragons: 4 sets of 3 tiles: 12 tiles
  • Flowers: 1 set of 4 tiles: 4 tiles
  • Seasons: 1 set of 4 tiles: 4 tiles

  • Score:

  • Locks: no points
  • 2 matching Numbers: 10 points
  • 2 matching Bamboos: 10 points
  • 2 matching Rings: 10 points
  • 2 matching Winds: 15 points
  • 2 matching Dragons: 20 points
  • 2 matching Flowers: 25 points
  • 2 matching Seasons: 30 points
  • Matching a Season to a corresponding Flower tile: 40, 50, 60 or 70 points*

* The first combination of a matching Season and Flower tile results in 40 points. Each additional combination will add an additional 10 points to the score. E.g. a Summer tile and a tile representing a summer flower (indicated by the little sun above the flower) is worth 40 points. The next combination of a Season and a corresponding Flower tile results in an additional 10 points. Two examples to illustrate it:

  • Scoring Season tiles and corresponding Flower tiles:

  • First combination of a Season and a corresponding Flower: 40 points
  • Second combination: 40 points + 10 points = 50 points
  • Third combination: 40 points + 10 + 10 = 60 points
  • Fourth combination: 40 points + 10 + 10 + 10 = 70 points

Each game you can score a maximum of 1000 points.

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