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What are Tournaments


Zigiz Tournament is a new play mode on Zigiz where players can challenge each other directly. This means you play 1 or more opponents, and there is always 1 winner per game.


It is possible to play with your regular Zigiz credits that you have purchased in our shop, but you can also play with chips. If you win a game, you will receive your prize in chips. 100 chips have a value of €1,00. At the beginning of each game you choose to play with either credits or chips. The winner of a game will receive 70% of the bet credits/chips, the other 30% will go to Zigiz in order to cover the costs. For example: Two players start a game and both bet 50 chips. The jackpot now contains 100 chips. 30% (30 chips in this case) will go to Zigiz, and the winner will receive the remaining 70 chips!


When you have won more than 1000 chips, you can have your profit paid out!

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