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Jewelmine Jewelmine icon Jewelmine singleplayer The best Zigiz puzzle games

Puzzle games

Descend down into the mine and find the jewels

Make sets of 3 or more jewels by swapping 2 adjacent jewels.



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Collect all the jewels from the mine in this online puzzle game. The jewels can only be mined in sets of at least 3 jewels of the same color. Make the groups as large as possible for a high score. Try this variation on bejeweled now for free!

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Tournament Games

Hit or bust? Make three stacks of 21!
Choose the best dice combinations!
Make pairs with cards of the same value.
Clear all card rows on the field.
Combine the dice and make a monstercombo!
Empty the pyramid by making combinations of 13 points.
The classic patience, good as gold!
Shoot and make groups of 3 or more bubbles.
Make combinations of 3 or more and eat delicious ice cream.
Make series of cards of the same suit!
Throw the dice and get the highest scores!
Stack the cards and free the royal families!
Match as many stones as you can. Become a Mahjong Monster!
Collect as many gems at once by making the biggest groups possible!
Match and remove as many Jellies as possible!
Match the dice to make 7 and win the show!
Count to the beat in this groovy counting puzzle game!
Match cards in order of higher or lower in this solitaire variant.
Match 3 or more Monsters and unlock the secrets of the Temple!
Help Marty McDice steer the submarine by rolling the dice
Throw and sort the 5 dice in this popular classic Yahtzee game.
Make poker hands in this Poker Solitaire crossover
A fast black jack card game!

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# Player Score
1 1AAPIE 15885
2 1AAPIE 3000
3 1AAPIE 2500
4 1AAPIE 2005
5 1AAPIE 1875
6 1AAPIE 1750
7 filler 1625
8 Inga12 1620
9 Inga12 1580
10 Inga12 1565
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