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Game rules



Score as many points as possible by making combinations with the playingcards. Unlock ingredients to complete your pizza!

How does it work?

Make combinations of 3 consecutive numbers and clear all the piles of cards. The cards do not have to be in the correct order to make a combination. For example, valid combinations are : 5/7/6, 3/3/3, Q/Q/Q
The game contains 2 jokers. You can use a joker to replace any other card to make a combination. Use the joker to make multiple combinations at once.
"An ace counts as 1 or 14 depending on the cards you want to clear. For example: K/A/Q, A/2/3"
You can shuffle the deck 3 times when no more combinations are possible. Click on the green deck of cards to shuffle.


When you make a combo, your combo-meter on the left side of the screen will rise. You get extra points for each consecutive combo you make.

Extra points

You can earn extra points in the game by:

  • Finish a pile of cards. Unlocked ingredients are worth extra points.
  • Make double combo sequences with cards.
  • Keep the combometer as high as possible.
  • leftover cards in the "shuffle" pile earn you extra points at the end of the game.
  • Clear the field and make a pizza!


By collecting sufficient bonusstars you can play the bonusgame. You can win extra credits!

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# Player Score
1 Smialek67 21570
2 Smialek67 20280
3 Smialek67 20270
4 Smialek67 20180
5 Smialek67 20080
6 Smialek67 20070
7 Smialek67 19980
8 Smialek67 19870
9 Smialek67 19770
10 Smialek67 19690
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