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Game rules



The aim in Trycka is to bring the stack blocks down below the goal line. This line may change with each level. To lower the stack, you have to make combinations using blocks of the same colour. Once you've combined more than five blocks of the same colour, that section will disappear, and the stack will then drop.

The same goes for Puzzle mode except that you only have a limited number of moves. So consider your options, and act quickly!

How it works

Make colour combinations by pushing the blocks into the stack. You can play with either mouse or keyboard.


Click on the side of the screen to push the dropping blocks into the stack. So, if you want to push in a block from the right-hand side click on the mouse on the right part of the screen. So, if you want to push in a block from the left-hand side click on the mouse on the left part of the screen.

You can also play Trycka using the the ARROW KEYS. Use them to indicate where you want to push a block to. So, if you want to push in a block from the left-hand side, press the LEFT ARROW key. So, if you want to push in a block from the right-hand side, press the RIGHT ARROW key.

Any blocks falling off the stack are collected in the bin below. Once the bin is full, all its blocks are pushed back into the stack. So mind when you push a block out!

Quick-dropping blocks

Right-click your mouse to quick-drop blocks. Do you want to quick-drop a block on the left-hand side? Then right-click your mouse on the left part of the screen.

You can do the same by pressing SHIFT and the ARROW KEYS on your keyboard. Do you want to quick-drop a block on the left-hand side? Hold down SHIFT and press the RIGHT ARROW key. Do you want to quick-drop a block on the right-hand side? Hold down SHIFT and press the LEFT ARROW key.

Instead of SHIFT you can also press the DOWN ARROW key.

Trycka Blocks and Specialties

The thing about Trycka Blocks is that they boast some unique features that can change the adjacent blocks. Every Trycka Block is different; carried self otherwise; use them to your advantage, but beware!

The game has been split up into several themes, i.e.: the Jurrasic age, Egypt, the Middle Ages, the Modern Era, the Industrial Revolution and the Future. You play a different character for every theme. Every character boasts its own particular Specialty that can influence the game in its own way. You'll be able to use these Specialties once the Specialty Meter is filled up.

Jurrassic age:
Bugbah's Specialty: Bugbah throws down his bludgeon an shakes up the board.
Trycka Block: Bugbahs rainbow block can take on any colour.

Thos IV's Specialty: Thos uses his pharaonic powers to remove all the colourless blocks.
Trycka Block: Thos' Ankh block will turn any adjacent blocks yellow.

Middle Ages:
Mereyn's Specialty: Mereyn uses his magic to remove all blocks of the colour most present.
Trycka Block: Mereyn's Lightning block removes an entire row.

Modern Era:
Billy's Specialty: Billy can jump on top of his crane and remove the top 4 rows.
Trycka Block: Billy"s rocket block removes all blocks above it in a straight line.

Industrial Revolution:
Theodor's Specialty: Theodor has switched on his time machine and has closed the collection bin for a couple of turns.
Trycka Block: Theodor's dynamite block removes all adjacent blocks.

Xanshiew's Specialty:: Xanshiew cracks the system and increases the Combo Meter by one level.
Trycka Block: Xanshiew's computer block removes all blocks above it in a straight line.

How to earn points

You can earn points by making colour combinations and lowering the stack. Each block removed earns you 10 points.

At the end of the level a window will pop up adding a completion bonus and a time bonus to your score.

Combo bonus

Fill up the Combo Meter by quickly making successive combinations. This will earn you extra points. The Specialties Meter will fill up quicker once the Combo Meter is full.

You can make colour combinations in different ways. You can push blocks over the stack and so sort blocks of the same colour. But you can also push blocks into the stack (hence pushing others out the other end, of course). combinations earn you points and these are multiplied for every successful combo. So, say your score is 10, and you've made 5 combo"s, then you'll earn 10 X 5 = 50 points!

The other way to make combinations (and points!) is to make a run . Here's an example: You've made a combo removing some blocks in the stack. If because of this other blocks drop down and make another combo, you'll have made a run. That run is multiplied by the block score and the level of the Combo Meter. So, 3 runs of 10 points, earns you 3 X 10 = 30 points!

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