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Game rules

Sunset Solitaire

The goal of this game is to make pairs with cards of the same value.

How does it work?
By making pairs with cards of the same value you score points. Below you will find an example of a pair of cards of the same value.

There are three ways to make a pair. You can make a pair by using cards from the pyramid as seen in the example above. When you click on the deck, three cards will become visible. You can also make a pair by using cards from the deck. See the example below.

You can also make a pair by combining the cards from the deck and the pyramid.

For every pair that you make you get 20 points. For every following combination you receive combo bonuspoints which will light up the shells in the combo meter on the left. The combo will end when you click on the deck of cards.

  • 1st pair 20 points
  • 2nd pair 40 points
  • 3rd pair 60 points
  • 4th pair 80 points
  • 5th pair 100 points
  • Following pairs 100 points

When you clear the pyramid you will receive 100 bonuspoints. You also receive bonuspoints for the remaining cards in the deck as seen in the calculation below.

Bonuspoints = number of remaining decks x number of remaining cards x 20

By collecting sufficient bonusstars you can play the bonusgame. You can win extra credits!

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