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Game rules

Spider Solitaire

Make as many decreasing series of cards of the same kind (diamonds or clovers) as possible.

There are 104 cards in the game.

The gaming area consists of 10 columns with cards. When the game starts, decks of cards are placed on every column, of which the upper card is turned over. In total there are 44. The other 60 cards are at the left top side of the decreasing stack. The 8 sorting stacks that are shown above are still empty.

The purpose is to sort all the cards in the game in series. As soon as you complete one series of the same card type (decreasing from King to Ace) the cards in this series will automatically move to a sorting stack.

Sorting the cards
You can use any visible card in any of the columns. Form a series in the column by sorting cards of the same type in decreasing sequence. For example, (see below) a clover 9 on a clover 10 and so forth. Try to sort as many cards as possible before you take new cards.

It is also possible to lay a lower card on another colour. For example, a diamond 5 on a clover 6. Click for new cards on the decreasing stack above left. A new card will be placed at the bottom of each column. You can take new cards 6 times.

Moving cards and card columns
To move a card, click and drag the card to the correct position. To move a series of columns, click on the highest card that you want to move and drag it to the other column. If a column is empty you can only place a king or a series starting with a king here. It is not possible to move a series of cards with various kinds of cards.

Cards facing back can be released by moving the overlying cards or as soon as an overlying series is played away to a sorting stack.

For every back facing card that you turn over: 20 points

For every complete series that you play away: 50 points

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# Player Score
1 marsenlyd@quicknet.nl 1080
2 kabouters 1080
3 monchery27 1080
4 elzasnaomi 1080
5 jelly_hager 1080
6 guardian 1080
7 sandratje2 1080
8 doedol 1080
9 luijters 1080
10 mar_y_sol 1080
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