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Game rules


Get all card stacked up on the 4 places in the upper right corner.

Placing your bet
You can decide your bet at the beginning of the game. Possible bets are: 10,20 or 50 credits. For every card you lay down you win 1, 2 or 5 credits.

The cards are automatically dealt into 7 columns where only the uppermost card is visible and 4 sorting piles (these are left blank). All other cards are placed in the top left hand corner of the game screen for further play.

Sorting cards

Create two sorting piles: columns and sorted piles. Every visible card in one of the columns can be used in the game. The sorting piles should be formed out of cards that increase in numerical order and have the same symbol and colour, starting with the Ace. The columns should be formed out of cards that decrease in numerical order and alternate red and black e.g. red 9, black 8 and so on. Here's an example:

For a new card, click on the uppermost card in the pile. Begin with the placing of all Aces onto sorting plies and try to re-arrange the columns so that as many closed cards as possible are overturned.
If you click on "Round Off" the amount that you have won will be added to your current balance, if this is more than 10 euros you may choose for it to be paid out.

Re-arranging of cards and columns
If you want to place a card onto a sorting pile click on the card and drag it to the desired position. The card will automatically be placed in the correct order on the pile.

To move a column or part of- click on the uppermost card and drag it to the appropriate column.

If you have an empty column you can only fill it with a King or a column beginning with a King. To play a closed card or move it to a column you must free it. This can be done by moving open cards to a sorting column or card column or by creating a position for a card column.

Note: The pile of cards in the top left hand corner can only be used once in a game. If you have used all these cards look closely and make sure you haven't missed a move!

The bonus game
It is also possible to win 1000 credits (100 euro) in 1 game. Within the game are cards, which feature a star and have an extra value. If you play 10 of these cards the exciting bonus game will be revealed.

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# Player Score
1 appel30 2600
2 jokemeeuwis 2600
3 zoezoe 2600
4 mandymaus1 2600
5 moniqueh1407 2600
6 01Twister01 2600
7 _Joyce_ 2600
8 pellos 2600
9 Dorus2 2600
10 monnanik 2600
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