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Game rules

Royal Solitaire

Clear all cards in the 5 rows on the playing field. You can clear cards by creating card combinations.

At the start of the game, you will find 5 rows of cards in the playing field, the cards on the bottom row are faced up. Below that row are the 4 cards of the player.Now using these 2 bottom rows, you can create one of the card combinations on the right sight of the playing field. If you move your mouse over one of the combinations, you will find the description on how to create that particular hand.

Make a combination by clicking the cards one by one.

Click on “add cards” as soon as you’ve created a combination. The cards will now be cleared. New cards will now be turned face up if cards from the playing field were cleared.

Try to clear all cards in the playing field!

If it’s not possible to create a combination, you can click on the pile on the left hand side, 4 new cards will then be dealt.

Scoring points
You can score points in a two ways.You’ll receive points for clearing the different card combinations, the rarer the combination, the more points you’ll receive. Below a table with a description of the hands and the amount of points rewarded.

Extra points:

40 points are received for every card left on the stack when finishing the game.

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# Player Score
1 wojtekdev 8450
2 Fransvanderwal 8080
3 afa111 7720
4 yonca6410 7570
5 bondam62 7570
6 runarrunar 7530
7 marleen22 7460
8 schrauwenjan 7430
9 mieszkom 7400
10 rea3191 7390
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