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Game rules


Clear the snakes as quickly as possible and receive a lot of points!

How does it work?
The snakes will slither in the screen from the top and bottom of the screen. On the catapult in the middle of the screen a dice will appear. With this dice you can make number combination within the snakes. You can do this by shooting the dice into one of the snakes.

The goal of the game is to make a number combination with the numbers in the snakes. A combination can be made in different ways. You can make a combination of sequencing numbers for instance; 1, 2, 3. This combination can also be built the other way around; 3, 2, 1.

Another possibility of making a combination is by combining numbers of the same value; 2, 2, 2.

When you clear a snake you’ll receive 15 points for every step the snake is removed from the lava hole.
When you miss the snakes when shooting a dice from the catapult, the two snakes will take three steps forward towards the lava hole.


For every combination that you make you’ll receive the following credits:

  • 3 dices = 30 points
  • 4 dices = 60 points
  • 5 dices = 90 points
  • 6 dices = 120 points
  • Etc.

Extra points
You will receive a combo bonus when you make multiple combinations in one snake. Your points are then multiplied with this combo factor.

In total there are five snakes in the game (2 snakes at a time). If you clear all five snakes you’ll receive a bonus of 500 points.

By collecting sufficient bonusstars you can play the bonusgame. You can win extra credits!

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# Player Score
1 LilyCee 5840
2 LilyCee 5405
3 LilyCee 5360
4 LilyCee 5300
5 LilyCee 5285
6 LilyCee 5280
7 LilyCee 5255
8 LilyCee 5240
9 LilyCee 5225
10 LilyCee 5180
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