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Game rules

Monkey Mind

Crack the secret code by placing the coloured diamonds in the correct sequence in as few moves as possible!

Each row has 8 fields. You need to choose 1 of the 6 coloured diamonds in each field. On each turn, you are allowed to change the colour of the diamond in each of the 8 fields.

After every turn you will see how many diamonds are in the right position with the correct colour and how many diamonds are the correct colour but are in the wrong position.

The diamond in field 8 is randomly coloured and will have a different colour each turn. However if you've already correctly guessed the colour of this diamond in the first 2 turns, its colour will not change (More info below).

The colour of the diamonds which you correctly guess in the first 2 turns is locked into place. This way you'll know these diamonds are on the correct position. Each diamond you place on the correct position after turn 2 is not locked into place; you will need to figure out for yourself if it is the correct position. This makes it possible to have fewer points then you had in a previous turn. You decide if you have the guts to move on!

The sooner you guess the right sequence or part of the sequence, the more points you earn. In the first 4 turns you automatically earn bonus points (40, 30, 20 and 10). From turn 5 to 8 points will be deducted from your total (10, 20, 30 and 40).

Bonus game:
Each game has 1 or more diamonds with a bonus star. If you have guessed the correct color of these diamonds when the game ends, you will receive 1 bonus star for each correctly guessed diamond. When you play at a higher ratio, the ratio of bonus stars is increased as well. (Meaning with a bet of 50 credits you will receive 5 bonus stars per correct diamond)

Each correctly colored diamond on the correct position is worth 30 points.

Each correctly colored diamond on an incorrect position is worth 10 points.

  • When finishing the game after 1 turn: + 40 points
  • When finishing the game after 2 turns: + 30 points
  • When finishing the game after 3 turns: + 20 points
  • When finishing the game after 4 turns: + 10 points
  • When finishing the game after 5 turns: -10 points
  • When finishing the game after 6 turns: -20 points
  • When finishing the game after 7 turns: -30 points
  • When finishing the game after 8 turns: -40 points

The maximum score is 280 points (8 times 30 points for the correctly colored diamonds on the correct positions and 40 points for only using 1 turn).Look at the win table to see how many credits you will receive for the amount of points gained.

View the winnings table in the game to see how many credits you earn with a specific number of points earned.

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