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Game rules

Mister Mole

Use the hay bale to roll over the moles.

How does it work?
You can roll over the field with the hay bale by clicking on the surface surrounding the hay bale or by using the arrows on your keyboard. You can score points by rolling over the moles.

By rolling over a mole of the same colour you can score extra points. You will see the combo meter rise on the left side of the screen. When you role over a mole of another colour prior to the last mole, your range will end.

Combo score:

  • 1st mole = score mole + 0 points
  • 2nd mole = score mole + 50 points
  • 3th mole = score mole + 100 points
  • 4th mole = score mole + 200 points
  • 5th mole = score mole + 300 points

Every following mole in the combination is worth 300 points.

When one mole disappears, another mole will take its place. The counter on the bottom-right side indicates how many moles are remaining. When a mole first appears, it’s worth 60 points. After every roll of the hay bale the mole will drop a level and be worth ten points less. After dropping 6 times the mole will disappear into the ground.

Extra points:
When you roll over the apple all the moles in the field will turn to the colour of the apple rise to the maximum level.

This will give you the opportunity to make a very long colour range. You can score many points!

There’s 1 golden mole in the game which is worth many points.

By collecting sufficient bonusstars you can play the bonusgame. You can win extra credits! 

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# Player Score
1 sur746 13720
2 bobas91 10140
3 bobas91 9570
4 bobas91 9350
5 bobas91 9290
6 bobas91 9270
7 zulu2020 9220
8 ArieKnol 9220
9 nico13 9200
10 bobas91 9180
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