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Game rules

Marble Magic

Your goal
Play all marbles away and try to make as many combinations as possible.

How does it work?
The Marble Magic game has 191 marbles in total. 120 marbles form the game board.These marbles have different colours spread randomly across the game board. With the shooter, which can be moved around the game board, you can shoot balls at the game board.

In the middle of the game board, there is a large marble. The smaller marbles lie in rings around the large marble. The purpose is to shoot an opening into this ring. The shooter contains 2 marbles. It is the intention to shoot against 2 or more connected marbles of the same colour with the first marble. Below your can find an example:

When your shot hits, this marble as well as the marble with which you are shooting, disappears (together they then form a colour field). The second marble in the shooter indicates which colour will follow; this is handy to determine the correct tactics. You will still have to determine the correct tactics. These tactics must ensure that the colour field being hit consists of as many marbles as possible, this earns the most points.

If it is not possible to make a colour field, the only thing to do is to shoot the marble at another colour, or at a marble with the same colour. If you have missed 3 times, 6 marbles will automatically be shot into the game board, and the large marble changes its colour.

When you hit the large marble directly with a marble of the same colour, you get 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 or 100 bonus points. All marbles in the game board with the same colour is also considered as one large colour field. This colour field is then played away on one go, earning extra points (see: points).

When you hit a bomb during the game, or if there is a bomb in your shooter, the bomb destroys marbles. These marbles do not add to your total score. The marbles that are not destroyed, but disappear due to the explosion will however count towards your score. These marbles are worth one point per marble. Thus, a bomb explosion is not always harmful.

The game is over when all marbles (71 marbles) are played out of the ring, or when the row of marbles becomes too thick and falls beyond the border (the black hexagonal around the game board).

Bonus Game:
Each game has 1 or more marbles with a bonus star. If you play these marbles away, you get one bonus star per marble. At an inset higher than 10, you get proportionately more bonus stars (thus at an inset = 50 credits, you receive 5 bonus stars per good marble).


  • colour field with 3 marbles = 10 points
  • colour field with 4 marbles = 20 points
  • colour field with 5 marbles = 30 points
  • colour field with 6 marbles = 40 points
  • colour field with 7 marbles = 50 points
  • colour field with 8 marbles = 60 points
  • colour field with 9 marbles = 80 points
  • colour field with 10 marbles = 100 points
  • colour field with 11 or more marbles = 100 + 10 points per marble over 10

View the winnings table in the game to see how many credits you earn with a specific number of points earned.

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# Player Score
1 sur746 1174
2 Rikkie4 1096
3 chiaraluca 1075
4 RLJJ2600531 1075
5 janneke1151 1066
6 CPvdW58 1066
7 gosiadomowa 1060
8 histek1106 1059
9 tinytiny 1058
10 Henkie7 1056
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