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Game rules

Junkyard Huzzle

Your goal
Sort the vehicle wrecks by colour. Make a combination of at least 4 vehicle wrecks.

How does it work?
You sort by lifting and dropping the vehicle wrecks with your magnet.Move the magnet with your mouse to the left and right.Lift the vehicle wrecks with your left mouse button. You can lift up to 6 at a time, provided they have the same colour.Use your

space bar to drop the wrecks.

Every 2nd time you drop your vehicle wrecks, the pile increases by 1 row.

Once the pile has reached the ceiling, the game is over. In the gaming area, there are 10 stacks of 24 vehicle wrecks in total. In the colours Orange, Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple and Green. There are approximately 40 vehicle wrecks per colour. As soon as you have played away 24 rows, the new rows will all be grey vehicle wrecks. You can not lift these, so make sure that you play the coloured wrecks away as quickly as possible before the pile reaches the ceiling.

Special items

Tyre stack:

There are 3 tyre stacks in the game. If you drop a wreck on a stack of tyres, the tyres will explode and the surrounding wrecks will fall away with no points.

Traffic sign:

There are 2 traffic signs in the game. Drop a combination on a traffic sign to earn a 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, or 120 point bonus.


If you make a combination of wrecks that border directly on the bulldozer, it will be activated. Depending on its driving direction, it will remove a number of wrecks from the gaming area, for this you do not obtain any points.

You can score points if you sort at least 4 wrecks of the same colour.

The bigger the combination you play away at the same time, the more points you acquire.

  • play away 4 wrecks = 4 points
  • play away 5 wrecks = 6 points
  • play away 6 wrecks = 9 points
  • play away 7 wrecks = 13 points
  • play away 8 wrecks = 18 points
  • play away 9 wrecks = 24 points
  • play away 10 wrecks = 31 points
  • 11 wrecks or more = 31 + 10 points per extra wreck

Bonus Game:
There are vehicle wrecks in the game with a concealed bonus star. You can collect these by playing away a combination.

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# Player Score
1 robspeler 1095
2 robspeler 1067
3 robspeler 1053
4 robspeler 1046
5 robspeler 1043
6 robspeler 1042
7 robspeler 1036
8 robspeler 1030
9 robspeler 1026
10 robspeler 1016
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