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Game rules


Combine sets of 3 gems with the same colour or more, and clear as many gems as possible.

The Jewel Mine game board is based on 10 rows with 10 jewels per row. These jewels have different colours which have been spread arbitrarily across the entire game board. The first 100 of the total 244 jewels appear on this game board. The other 144 jewels appear during the game. The frequency with which this happens, is entirely dependable on how the game proceeds.

By clicking on jewels lying adjacent or above one another, you can change their positions. Jewels can only be changed if sets of three or more jewels appear, lying adjacent or one above the other.

Take note! Jewels with the same colour may not be exchanged with one another. Playing away of as may jewels in one go will produce extra bonus points. When you drop the bars of dynamite during the game, either on purpose or by accident, this will destroy the surrounding jewels. These will then not be added to your total score. Detonating the bars of dynamite does not necessarily have a detrimental effect.

With one jewel, and in 1 go, you can make both horizontal as well as vertical sets of 3 or more jewels. Here, the total number of stones involved in the double combination will be counted as one series. To explain, here are two images of 2 variants:

Set of 6 jewels:

Set of 5 jewels:

There is a special jewel in the game. With this jewel, a set may be made of jewels of any random colour. When you play this jewel away, you will immediately receive a bonus with a value of between 10 and 150 points. Furthermore, all jewels in the game board with the same colour will be removed from the game board. Obviously, the points for these jewels will count too.

Important! If, when coupling the special jewel both horizontally as well as vertically, one or multiple sets originate, then the jewels of both colours will be removed from the game board.

It may happen that you cannot find any set with at least 3 jewels within the game board. If this happens, you may ask for a hint or re-shuffle the game board, by clicking on the shuffle button. You will lose points for these actions.

You will still have to decide for yourself on the best tactics. These tactics will have to lead to sets being formed with as many jewels as possible; this will ensure the most points.

The game is over once there are no more jewels and/or no more sets to be made.

Bonus game:
Each game has 1 or more jewels with a bonus star. If you play these jewels away, you get 1 bonus star per jewel. At an inset higher than 10, you get correspondingly more bonus stars (thus, at an inset = 50 credits, you will receive 5 bonus stars per special jewel).

Score board:

  • set with 3 jewels = 10 points
  • set with 4 jewels = 20 points
  • set with 5 jewels = 30 points
  • set with 6 jewels = 40 points
  • set with 7 jewels = 50 points
  • set with 8 jewels = 60 points
  • set with 9 jewels = 80 points
  • set with 10 jewels = 100 points

en>By linking a bonus jewel, you can make combinations of more than 10 jewels. Each jewel more than 10 jewels in a set, gives you 5 extra points. Playing away a series of 20 jewels in one go is therefore worth 100 points + ( 10 x 5 points) = 150 points.

Look at the winnings table in the game to see how many credits you win with a specific number of points earned.

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1 1AAPIE 15885
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6 1AAPIE 1750
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8 filler 1625
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