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Game rules

House of Cards

Your goal
Building a house of cards with the highest possible value.

How does it work?
The first layer consists of 12 cards which form a roof per pair. You can only form a roof with two cards of the same value, or two cards of the same colour (hearts, diamonds, spades or clover). You may place any card horizontally on two roofs. This card is used as the floor between levels and therefore loses its value. The strength of the floor is equal to the roof below with the lowest value. Each roof can carry its own weight at most. For example: a queen of hearts in combination with a jack of hearts has a value of 20, the second roof has the same value. This roof can carry the maximum weight of 20 (i.e.: 2 kings, 2 queens, ace + 9). If the second roof has a value of 10, the floor can only carry roofs with a value of 10 or less. In the example below, 13 is the lowest value, in which case this construction can only carry the maximum value of 13.

An ace has a particular value in this game. If you use this card as a floor, the card can carry any value whatsoever. When you use the ace as an interim floor card, its value is not added to the score.

Within the pile of cards, there are 2 jokers. If you get a joker, all the cards on the highest floor will be blown off immediately.By clicking on the symbol below any time during the game, you can replace the 5 open cards by 5 new ones. The value of the replaced cards will be lost.


  • An ace is 1 or 11 points.
  • King, queen and jack are worth 10 points.
  • Other cards have the value stated on them.
  • Two decks are used per game.
  • Each deck contains one joker.

A complete house contains 57 cards in total, of which 15 are used as floor cards (cards which are placed horizontally on the roofs). The points of the interim floor do not count towards the score. A complete house of cards contains 42 cards contributing to the score. The highest possible score for a complete house is 426 points:

  • 8 x aces = 88
  • 8 x kings = 80
  • 8 x queens = 80
  • 8 x jacks = 80
  • 8 x 10 = 80
  • 2 x 9 = 18

Every card that was not played and is still in the pile adds 2 points, if the top of the house of cards is reached. The maximum number of cards in the pile is 49.

Maximum score = 426 + (49 x 2) = 524

View the winnings table in the gaming window for a summary of the number of credits won per score.

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# Player Score
1 kiefte 477
2 segler85 476
3 kristawes 475
4 dieterHess 472
5 Pinootje81 471
6 Iroise 470
7 basienka2 468
8 dota68t 468
9 Iroise 467
10 pike63 467
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