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Game rules

Fuzzball Frenzy

Your Goal
Sort the Fuzzballs by colour and empty the playing field! Make combination of at least 4 Fuzzballs with the same colour.

It’s your job to sort the Fuzzballs by colour. If you group 4 or more Fuzzballs with the same colour, they will disappear. Empty the playing field by grouping all Fuzzballs.

You can move the Fuzzballs by dragging them horizontally or vertically.

Scoring Points
The more Fuzzballs you group, the more points you will score.

By grouping 4 Fuzzballs, you will earn 10 points. For every extra Fuzzball grouped you will earn 5 extra points.

For example: Grouping 8 Fuzzballs at once makes: 10 points + 4 x 5 points = 30 points.

Bonus points:
For every Fuzzball wearing a moustache or glasses, you earn extra points.For each moustache or glasses wearing Fuzzball you earn 30 points.


  • 2 glasses and 2 moustaches you get 100 + 100 = 200 points
  • 3 glasses or moustaches 250 points
  • 4 glasses or moustaches 500 points
  • 5 glasses or moustaches 1000 points
  • 6 glasses or moustaches 2000 points

For example: 2 glasses and 2 moustaches you get 100 + 100 = 200 points

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# Player Score
1 peetalf 2305
2 Rene--- 2290
3 tamoroquebrune 2280
4 jolka210 2270
5 Anneke230962 2255
6 rikky88 2235
7 wensa1 2225
8 rikbrug 2215
9 gerda112 2210
10 kutjebef 2190
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