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Game rules



Take over the aquariums of the yellow fish, rolling the dice to make your way right to the top aquarium.


How it works

Use your gold fish to challenge the yellow fish and take over their aquariums - done by rolling the dice. When you’ve defeated all the yellow fish in an aquarium, your remaining gold fish take it over. To choose an aquarium, click on the orange arrow that appears when you move the cursor over each of your own aquariums (containing the gold fish). The playing area that appears shows the number of gold fish you have available and the number of yellow fish you’ll be challenging. It’s also the area where you throw the dice.

The game ends either when you have taken over the top aquarium, or no longer have any orange fish left.


Rolling the dice

Once you’ve chosen an aquarium, the playing area appears and the yellow fish throw with the white dice. The yellow fish will always throw two dice unless only one yellow fish remains in the aquarium. The last yellow fish will throw with one die.

Choose the number of dice you wish to throw. If you have more than two gold fish in the aquarium, you may throw with either two or three dice. If you have two fish, you may throw either one or two dice. If you only have one fish left in the aquarium, you may only throw one die.

Yours and the yellow fish’s throws are compared. First, your highest die is compared to the highest die thrown by the yellow fish. If your die scores higher, one yellow fish is removed from the aquarium in play. However, if the yellow fish’s score is equal or higher, you lose a fish.

If you and the yellow fish have both thrown more than one die, the second highest scores will then be compared and the process described above repeated.

NB All dice thrown will be subject to comparison. Thus, if one of the parties throws more dice than the other, one die can be compared with two (or three) dice thrown by the other. This means that one die can play against and beat multiple dice. Because the number of dice played represents the number of fish involved, it also represents the number of fish that can be lost. This goes for both your fish and the yellow fish.

E.g. If the yellow fish throw two dice and you throw three dice, the highest die from each side will be compared first. The second highest die from the yellow fish will then be compared with the second and third dice from you. If, in this second comparison the yellow fish’s die is higher than or equal to your second highest, you don’t lose one, but two fish.

1: Opponent fish

2: Opponent throw

3: Joker dice

4: Player throw

5: Player fish

6: Throw buttons


Example game situation: In the game situation above, the yellow fish have thrown a ‘3’ and a ‘1’ (see diagram 1). The player chooses to play with three dice. His throw results in a ‘5’, a ‘5’ and a ‘1’. The highest dice are compared first (see diagram 2). As the ‘5’ from the orange fish is higher than the ‘3’ from the yellow fish, the yellow fish lose a fish. The second highest dice are compared next. As the second ‘5’ is also higher than the ‘1’ from the yellow fish, the yellow fish lose another fish.  In total, this roll results in the yellow fish loosing two fish.

Tip - the more dice you throw, the bigger the chance of victory. However…The more dice you throw, the more fish you stand to lose.




Joker dice

Fish doubler

Bonus star






Joker Dice - At the start of the game, you are in possession of five joker dice. These can be seen at the right hand side of the play area. These dice have a value of six and can be played at the start of a throw. If you do so, you’re guaranteed that your highest die is a six. Click on ‘throw’ to then throw the remaining dice. There are also two extra joker dice to earn within the game.


Fish Doubler – The game also contains a fish doubler -see image. If you take over an aquarium containing this special, the number of fish in there doubles.


Bonus game

By collecting sufficient bonus stars you can play the bonus game. You can win extra credits!



Defeating a yellow fish earns you five points. Taking over an aquarium earns you 25 points. Take over all the aquariums in one row to receive bonus points, the amount of points depending on which row it is:

1st Row   50pts

2nd Row 100pts

3rd Row 150pts

4th Row 250pts


If you reach the top aquarium, you will receive 5 points for all the gold fish that are still in the game.

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