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Butterfly Park


Butterfly Park is all about building yourself a successful butterfly garden. Visitors come to your park every day. It's your job to ensure that there's enough for them to see. Of course, flowers are important too, but what they really come to see are the butterflies!

Fortunately, you're not on your own. Wilco de la Mariposa MA ('just Wilco' will do too) is here to help. Though he appears to only take an interest in the park's profits, he does really care about the business. Wilco"s experience with butterfly gardens is not to be underestimated. Don't pay too much attention to his gibber-jabber on tax and and P&L accounts, but don't discard his advice on the park itself too casually.

If you want to complete a level, however, you'll have to more that just build a nice garden. You are set a number of goals for each park. In order to progress you must achieve your goal before the level past ends. Fail, and you'll have to start over again. So choose your strategy carefully. Once you've achieved all your goals you'll have completed the level and be rewarded with a new park!

How it works

Wilco will set you different goals for each park. He may want you to arrange to have 20 flowers of the same colour in your garden or purchase a total of 10 butterflies. There's a tiny bar at the bottom of the screen. If you scroll over it with your mouse, it will reveal your objectives. Click on any specific goal to learn more about it. Once you've achieved all your goals within the set number of days, you'll gain access to a new park.


In Butterfly Park your park's reputation is extremely important. That's because it determines your score. In order to achieve a good you have to ensure that you can display all those beautiful flowers and butterflies. At the start, you are given a small sum to start buying with. After that you're on your own and will have to make money through ticket sales. You can set the ticket price in the top left of your screen. By either clicking on the arrows or dragging the bar with your mouse, you can adjust the ticket price (in "Zigies"). Balance is key here. Set the price too low and you won't create enough revenue, but set it too high and you'll scare off the visitors. Think about it: If you have to pay top dollar, you'll want to see a beautiful park!

Once your reputation improves, more people will visit your park. It's the same the other way round: should your reputation deteriorate, less people will visit your park.

Every park has been split up in a number of flowerbeds. You earn points for every flowerbed, depending on the level of approval it gets from the visitors. The more they like your flowerbeds, the more points you accumulate. If people like what they see, your reputation will follow suit. Here are a couple of pointers to help you make the visitors feel welcome.


  • The more, the better! Price is important here too; more expensive butterflies are tend to be more impressive and will earn you more points.
  • To buy a butterfly, you first have to click on an available flower, and then on the icon of the flower you'd like to buy.
  • If you spot a rainbow somewhere, then there's a special butterfly around somewhere. Quickly click on Wilco (in the box office) for the butterfly net. Then look for the butterfly and quickly click on it and catch it. Once you've caught the butterfly, you can then set him on a flower. Special butterflies will yield extra appreciation. And that means more points!
  • In the "elven hill" park, you can buy regular plants as well as water lilies. If you look after these lilies well, elves will flock to rest on them. Elves too will get you lots of extra points.


  • You get points for each flower. To buy a plant, you first have to click on an available bed, and then on the icon. You then sow a seed that will soon grow into a plant. And like with butterflies, more expensive plants will earn you a better reputation.
  • A plant can have up to five flowers. Flowers will come out regardless, but you can also choose to speed up this process by fertilizing your plants. To do this, first click on the flower and then on the icon. You can only fertilize your plants, if there are visitors in your park.
  • A bed consisting of many different kinds of plants will yield more than a bed that with only one kind of plant. Don't hesitate to turn on the colours!
  • Beware though: Hot days will dry out your plants. Dried-out plans are a pain in the eye; your visitors will not appreciate them at all. If you don't water them regularly, you'll lose your precious reputation! To water your plants, first click on the plant you want to water, and the on the icon. You can also only water your plants, if there are visitors in your park. Obviously, if it rains the plants are watered.

Achieving goals:
  • You get points for every goal achieved. Once you've achieved all of them, you'll gain access to new parks!

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