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Game rules

Bubble Up

Clear the game area, by removing as many groups of identical coloured pearls as possible each turn.

How does it work?
The Bubble-up game area consists of 20 rows with 16 pearls per row. The pearls have different colours, spread randomly over the entire game area. Only the first 8 rows are visible initially, the other rows will appear one by one during the game, depending on the progress. The counter in the lower part of the game area, indicates how many rows still need to appear (Countdown from 12 to 0).

In the lower part of the game area there is one little and one big oyster, these oysters open simultaneously and each contains a pearl. The big oyster which is exactly in the middle, shows the pearl which will be used. This pearl needs to be fired upon a group of 2 or more identical coloured pearls. Here's an example:

When correctly fired the entire group of identical coloured pearls will be removed. The little oyster indicates which colour pearl will be used next, useful for deciding a tactic.

There is a chance that there will be no possibility of firing upon a group of at least two identical coloured pearls. In this situation the only options are to fire upon a pearl of a different colour, or at a single pearl with the same colour.

If you miss a group of identical coloured pearls three times, the entire game area will drop down one row, mildly shaking the field. Each time you miss a group of identical coloured pearls an anenome will hide, this will show you exactly how many misses you have until the game area will drop again.

If you hit a mine during the game it will explode destroying all surrounding pearls. You will not get points for these destroyed pearls. Note: This does not apply to pearls which are not destroyed, but fall down due to the explosion.

This basically means that hitting a mine isn't always a bad thing. The game contains a special 'golden pearl' which when hit directly, earns you 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 or 100 extra bonus points.

Additionally groups of identical coloured pears which are connected to the golden pearl will be removed, earning you extra points. You will need to decide what is the best tactic. This tactic has to lead to removing very large groups of identical coloured pearls. This will earn you the most points.

The game will end if the lowest row of pearls hits the shell of the large oyster while it is closed. The game area will start blinking one row prior to this event. Firing the last pearl will also result in the game ending. When the last row (row 20) is visible, you will have three further attempts. The third attempt will be the one with the last pearl. The last three attempts will be indicated by a red blinking anenome.

Bonus Game:
each game has 1 or more pearls with a bonus star. When you remove such a pearl you will gain the bonus star. Betting at a higher win ratio will get you more bonus stars accordingly eg. betting at win ratio 5 would result in getting 5 bonus stars for each pearl with a bonus star.


  • group of 3 identical coloured pearls = 3 points
  • group of 4 identical coloured pearls = 5 points
  • group of 5 identical coloured pearls = 8 points
  • group of 6 identical coloured pearls = 12 points
  • group of 7 identical coloured pearls = 17 points
  • group of 8 identical coloured pearls = 23 points
  • group of 9 identical coloured pearls = 30 points
  • group of 10 identical coloured pearls = 38 points
  • group of 11 or more identical coloured pearls = 38 + 10 points for each additional pearl.

Look at the win table to see how many credits you will receive for the amount of points gained.

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# Player Score
1 bertb5 3518
2 welkombb2 2033
3 welkombb2 1500
4 barnie 1397
5 bertb4 1358
6 Luckyohl 1343
7 welkombb2 1278
8 hombre62 1264
9 vrijburg 1258
10 avancee1 1254
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