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Get ready to feel the summer vibes from the very breeze of the seaside all the way tto your screens with Sunset Solitaire! Before the sun goes down, you should reach the seashells by clearing the cards from the board. To do so, what you will need is to enjoy the beach and pair the cards! If you are up for this refreshing solitaire game, let it begin now!

Pair the cards

Clear the board

Pair the cards sharing the same value. If you can pair the cards in a row you get more points!

Combine the same-valued cards


You can select the cards both from the stack and the pyramid.

Use the stack


If you run out of pairs on the pyramid, you can use the stack to open new cards.


How it works

In Sunset Solitaire, your ultimate objective is to get as many points as you can. To do so,
you should pair the cards of the same value. If there are no cards left to pair on the pyramid, use the stack.
You can combine the cards in the stack in itself. Be careful! You can shuffle the cards only 3 times! If you
get stuck even for one card that cannot be combined, the game is over.

Shuffle the stack of cards three times by clicking on the stack.


With each pair of cards, you earn 20 points. Also, there is a combo meter that increases your points 2, 3,
4, and 5 times if you get to combine the cards subsequently. If you use the stack shuffle, the combo
meter will be reset. If you can clear all the cards from the board, you receive 100 points (which can be also
multiplied with the combo meter). Last but not least, you will get points for the number of unused shuffles.
20 times the unused shuffle numbers, times the number of cards left in the stack.

Daily High scores

Player Player Score

Weekly High scores

Player Player Score
beatys 2,880
bremmie21 2,060
dordtseanja 1,840
heike012 1,620
roysuzan 1,560
Rene-NH 1,500
A_Anvelink 1,420

All-time High scores

Player Player Score
beatys 3,740
danie4 3,200
yollie 3,160
branding 3,140
cernolev17 3,080
BHunter4 3,020
buggelin 2,980
ixtorval 2,940
Nancy6002 2,920
Lakentje 2,900


Win Table

Score Score Bet
   10 20 50
  500+ 2 4 10
  600+ 4 8 20
  700+ 5 12 30
  800+ 8 16 40
  1000+ 10 20 50
  1200+ 12 24 60
  1400+ 14 28 70
  1600+ 16 32 80
  1800+ 20 40 100
  2000+ 30 60 150
  2400+ 60 120 300